Living with children


August 2019

I was very fortunate to be one of the artists commissioned to make new work for Whitley Bay's ArtHouses event this year

It was a great chance to expand further an idea I have about making surfaces onsite out of foil, using a process which hopefully allows me to take in the surroundings, while making temporary casts on the floor. The foil surfaces are then folded up and taken back to be worked on in my studio, making paintings in response to the my experience of being in the initial space. The paintings then get shown back in the space where the original surfaces were made. 

Here's my 100 words to support my piece Living with children:

I couldn’t help but respond to this family home by making something joyous. Through my initial process of making foil surfaces I absorbed beautiful colours, forms, patterns, textures, and many acts of creativity surrounding me. I felt empathy for the experience of living – and sharing – a home with two young children, embracing their wildness and chaos.

These works continue to change as they are folded and expanded, gaining high-speed patina of creases, holes, tears, and echoes of paint flaked off mirror. When inflated there are reflections, memories of sides now unseen, as its form (which is ever-so-slowly deflating) is explored.